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Feel like you've done everything, and you're still not pregnant?  WITH THIS FREE WORKSHOP LEARN:
  • Why your thouhts are important for fertility
  • Practical steps for changing your thinking NOW
  • To banish crazy infertility emotions
  • How to be okay with the unknown
  • And WAY more



  **Update 7/30/16: I have relocated to Oregon and am currently accepting new clients FOR ONLINE THERAPY & FERTILITY COACHING ONLY on a limited basis**

"So, when's the baby coming?"

Does this question make you want to run away screaming?

Does your heart break when

  • you get a wedding or baby shower invite?  
  • you are told to just relax or go on vacation?
  • people tell you to "just adopt"?
  • people don't honor your pregnancy or infant loss?

I know exactly where you are, because I have been there, too.  And guess what?

There IS A Way To Deal With The Insanity Of Infertility!

People who have worked with me say they've experienced gigantic benefits.  Some of these include:

  • Hope
  • Complete Understanding (no "just relax" comments)
  • Increased Ability to Handle Stress
  • Improved Relationships with Friends and Loved Ones
  • Maintaining a Neutral Attitude
  • Letting Go of Embarrassment or Shame
  • Empowerment to Make Decisions that are Right for YOU (like skipping that baby shower)

Your mind and emotions are powerful things!  

If you feel like you're trying everything and still not getting pregnant, it may be time to start looking at those thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck.  

You might be saying, "But HOW? This is all totally overwhelming, and I don't know where to start."

I Invite You To Take The First Step Right Now.

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Call, text, or email today to schedule your free 20-minute consultation:

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  • I just found out on Friday that the IVF worked! I can't believe it and I'm still in shock. I want to thank you for being a tremendous support over the past several months. A lot of your suggestions were very helpful and I was able to stay as neutral as possible during this last round of treatment.

  • I'm writing to you because it was through our work together that I truly began to love myself and be compassionate towards myself about mistakes. As such, I've decided to share my passion and knowledge about self-love to others and created a website all around that. Thanks for your time!I'll always recommend you.

  • I just have to say thank you for being so fabulous at your job and really listening to me 💗 I really appreciate you!

  • I belong to a support group on FB and you are getting some major shout outs and love from your patients!!!! Just thought that would brighten your day!

    -Jenna, RESOLVE's Tri-State Walk of Hope Chair 2015
  • Heart beat was 120 today :) Six weeks!!! Ive been using ALL the skills you taught me (I meditate daily, long relaxing walks, pray, talk to "MJ"...everything!!!!)....I love you SO much and SO appreciate everything you have done for truly saved me at the worst time in my life....




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